What is your North Star?

There is a young man named Choi who was abandoned by his family at age 3 and then ran away from abuse in a foster home at the age of 5. He lived on the streets, selling odds and ends to make enough money to eat.  His home was a container box in the red light district, where he often heard night club music. That music was the first thing he loved. Choi is now a successful recording artist, author, and honorary ambassador of ChildFund Korea, where he is making strides to end the suffering of children. He says, “It is a blessing that I can live my life without starving, being abused, and freezing. I’ll keep taking on challenges and trying my best.”


Maybe we could use Choi’s attitude as our North Star for 2021. 

“I’ll keep taking on challenges and trying my best.”


2020 was a year full of challenges. What have you learned about yourself? How resilient are you? Who is it that you want to be?

Who do you want to be?

— the eternal question. The world offers us opportunities to respond from our best self … to make the world a better place.  

Each of us is a leader in the world. Our very being impacts our families, friends, colleagues, neighbors. We may forget that we are powerful; we matter; our words matter. We have a visceral impact on others every minute. 

Stretch. Embrace this year’s challenges with hearty energy! 

RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

PS. This week’s challenge: Only speak words that inspire.



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