When the ego gets in the way

Nancy: Sometimes I sit back reviewing my day and I can see how without knowing my ego was full-on during a conversation. 

Sharon: Sometimes I come upon an email or a text message I’ve written and I am appalled! I have tried to sound nice, but my judgment is clear. My ego actually wrote the note.

Ouch, that sneaky little culprit likes to run the show and appears when least expected. Once it takes over, I can find myself in a verbal tussle, feeling defensive, wondering how to prove how right I am. I get tense and feel bad both about myself and for the other people. 

When I am able to put that pesky ego down, I feel so much better! Coming from a genuine place in the heart, truly listening to another person’s dreams and cares allows connection, relationship that is meaningful. 98% of our happiness and well being depends on our relationships.

How much more joy is possible for you?

Will you allow yourself to get closer to other people?

If you want support in taking these courageous steps, we are here for you. Please reach out past any pesky ego thoughts: beinspired@TwoWiseWomen.org. 


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