Who Am I Seeing in the Mirror by Nancy


Good day to you! May you become freer and happier today than yesterday.

We easily determine and experience the temperature outdoors. However, are we aware of the degree of internal warmth of freedom and joy in our heart?

Luckily there is a great gauge to measure that degree of warmth as well. It exists in the mirror we see in the eyes of the people in our lives. Sometimes the mirror lights up our hearts with giddiness, sometimes wonder, sometimes connection or admiration.

Those are the mirrors we love to gaze into at ourselves.

However, it is easier to reject or run past challenging mirrors pretending they don’t exist. They are the ones that are difficult to glance into for more than a second or two. They cloak us with uncomfortable feelings, perhaps of disbelief, shame or insignificance. It’s easy to convince ourselves that the mirror (the other is reflecting back to us) is distorted or inaccurate. In those circumstances, we might clutch onto our belief that the reflection is wrong.

Unknowingly, we are seduced by who we believe ourselves to be. Whether it is seasoned with self-doubt or self-importance, its effect is essentially the same – our vision is compromised. We sense there is a disconnect, but we struggle to hold onto an image that needs to shift. Stuck in the rigidness of this self-image is what causes our pain and suffering. More importantly, the certainty of our conviction traps us into being separate and doesn’t allow us to discover and move towards happiness.

We benefit by expanding to see what has been unseen.

Here is the perfect time to go slower rather than faster, to pause and soften, relying on our inner strength and courage to step towards freedom. Know these things:

  • Nothing reflected can harm us.
  • The present mirror is important and ideally placed to reveal all that isn’t true.
  • The capacity for joy increases in direct proportion to our willingness to explore discomfort and make the effort to see with a pure heart.

A moment of difficulty exists as an invitation to adjust our vision. It reminds us to pause, to breathe, to relax and let go into a new, more-all-embracing story we can have of ourselves. The more we relax and not resist what is mirrored in another person’s eyes, the freer and happier we will become.

Allow yourself to relax.


How might I remember to pause? …to step into courageous exploration?

What could happen if I allow my resistance to dissolve?

What benefits might come from being curious?

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