Work with joy

Two Wise Women are learning yet another way – working with joy, enjoying each activity as we approach it. That is not always easy, because our minds have all kinds of thoughts about many of the tasks that call our names. 

Leaders are often working under enormous pressures to get an undoable amount of work done – minds keep spinning, churning out the tasks. 

What if we accessed more of what our heart has to offer?

Enjoyment is an always-available characteristic of the heart. It takes only a second to return to and settle into the beautiful pulse of our hearts. A smile automatically emerges. The task in the moment becomes easier, even if, (or especially if), it’s super-challenging. 

The greater the bond with our heart, the greater our happiness

Enjoyment makes us more productive and energized.

Enjoy your day,
RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: Before you begin each work day, choose one work-task that you will infuse with enjoyment.

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