You can change your mind

Hot, Hot, Hot in most US cities right now. 

Sharon: When I was a kid and it was really hot, my mother used to give me and my brothers spray bottles filled with cold water and send us out to the backyard to run around and spray each other. We laughed and got wet and the pure pleasure made the heat a joy.

Change your mind and enjoy your life

For you and whatever is so hot physically and emotionally, think what would be the best relief, the best prize that you could have right now? Is it peace of mind, contentment, enjoyment, simple pleasures? 

It is just one intention away, one breath away, one change of perspective away. Do you know that we are that powerful? We can change our mind on a dime. Think about it. You are having a horrible moment, maybe frustrated or angry and then someone you dearly care about calls and your entire demeanor changes. You can laugh and be compassionate.

Then, add this. Neuroscience actually shows that what we think creates neural circuits in our brains. When we focus on enjoyment or beauty or how well things are working, those circuits grow. 

Enjoy your life!
RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: Choose thoughts that brighten your day.

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