Your mind is like a soup pot

Long ago, there was a very poor wanderer who traveled long distances through forests and woodlands of India. He had no home. Not eating for several days, he felt miserable.

Exhausted, he collapsed under a shady tree. In this peaceful grove, he fell fast asleep. When he awoke, he thought, “Even though I am penniless, I can imagine my next meal.” 

In his mind, he started cooking his favorite dish. In a large pot, he put meat and added green vegetables – white and red ones too. As a very pleasing aroma filled his senses, he stirred in rice and spices and topped off this scrumptious dish with many of his favorite hot chilis. His reverie gave him comfort.

Now, ready to eat, he took the first bite and surprisingly cried out in pain. His mouth was  on fire from adding too many chilis.

Extraordinary, isn’t it, how the mind can create either comfort or suffering? It takes great discernment to discover what we are adding to our metaphorical soup.

What are you adding to your mind?

  • What do you cook in your mind?
  • What do you add to the pot?
  • Which ingredients will nourish and uplift you?
  • Or might you add fire and create your own suffering?

It is your mind, your soup pot. Because of your mind’s vast creative power, it has the capacity to take the form of whatever it envisions. What do you put in your soup pot?

RelationSmith Cooks, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: Watch what you put in your soup pot.

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