Who you really are

We have been doing research with women leaders. A few of you already know that, because you’ve helped us. We are blown away by the answers to our first question: What roles do you play in your life?

Roles, roles, and more roles! We anticipated interesting answers. And were knocked over by the volume, the immense number, of roles many leaders play. Many women have so many roles, in fact, that they are consumed and overwhelmed by the responsibilities they carry. They hardly have room to breathe.

So, in the interest of knowing yourself better, write down the roles that occupy your work and home life. You might be surprised. Hope you do not feel tied up in knots by the number!

Relax. Stop answering the call of those roles for a moment, and allow yourself to breathe. Empty your mind, truly, deeply, relax. Breathe. Roll your shoulders gently. Relax more; appreciate yourself. Smile. This is you, wonderful you.

Appreciate who you are, deep down beneath all the things that need your attention. Know your worthiness. Feel a deep connection to the stillness in your heart. Let positive feelings bathe you – like a waterfall – from head to toe. Rest in this experience.



Imagine a sublime melody of “I Am,” bountiful as noonday light

pulsing within you, resounding throughout creation.

Like cooling ocean waves spilling over you,

experience yourself becoming fully drenched – succumb – give in,

accept undeniable pure infinite love.

Gently lower your eyelids, reverently listen

as your heart whispers




Receive the pure love and light that you are.


RelationSmiths, Nancy and Sharon

This week’s challenge: Pause often and appreciate yourself.

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